Phonics: Listen to the words while learning and make learning more fun! (Better way to learn in playgroup)

Giving education to children is one of the most difficult things. Especially it is quite a heart breaking scenario when we find little toddlers going to school to learn difficult things. The whole procedure of this formal education is quite tiresome and hence for little children it becomes kind of boring. Hence, to make them learn in a better manner and in a fun way, it’s best to use phonics to make them learn.

What is this idea all about?

When a student is made to learn by practical experience, the whole mode of learning becomes easier. It is a mode of learning where students are made to read and learn English language in a manner, of developing the phonemic awareness of the learner. It is the ability to listen, identify and manipulate the phonemes, and in this way teach the correspondence that exists between spelling patterns and sounds.

Here, first the child is taught a specific alphabet, and then that specific alphabet is used in the most simplistic word. With time, the child is taught to use that specific alphabet in more difficult words.

In this way, the student can actually learn the whole alphabetic system and various words within it, by hearing it and then manipulating it to suit the whole pattern.

How can this process help in learning faster?

Since, this process is a comparatively different way of learning hence, it is best if students learn it in playgroup. In this way, students will be made to learn in a playful manner, by listening and forming words themselves in groups.

Thus, way of learning by phonics is most definitely the upcoming revolutionary change in present times. To know more about it, do check-up .

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