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Teachers and Students
Program Director - Dr. Jeff Cheng


Dr. Jeff Cheng's main research interests are in the areas of Group Education, Next Generation e-learning Tools and Early Childhood Bilingual Development. All programs taught in Jolly Kingdom are designed and approved by Dr. Jeff Cheng.

2003 Doctor of Philosophy (Eng.)
1999 Master of Philosophy (Eng.)
1996 B. Eng. with First Class Honors
1996 1st in the Graduating Class (the highest GPA in the department)
1996 Dr. Edwin Tao Full Scholarship
1996 Cheung Kon Fong Academic Achievement Awards
1995 Undergraduate Student Paper Contest - Certificate of Merit
1992 International Mathematical Olympiad (HK) - Certificate of Merit
1992 Admitted into CUHK through the Early Admission Scheme
1992 1st in English (F.6)
1992 1st in Applied Mathematics (F.6)

1992 1st in Pure Mathematics (F.6)
1992 1st in Physics (F.6)
1992 1st in Science Classes (F.6)
1991 "A" in HKCEE Mathematics
1991 "A" in HKCEE Additional Mathematics
1991 "A" in HKCEE Biology
1991 "A" in HKCEE Chemistry
1991 "A" in HKCEE Physics
1991 "A" in HKCEE Computer

Principal - Maggie Lam, M.A. (Linguistics)

Ms. Lam received her Bachelor degree from The University of British Columbia and holds a M.A. in Linguistics. She served as an English editor for two years and also had rich experience in teaching Jolly Phonics. Her greatest passion is teaching children to discover the English alphabetic code and the love of reading through systematic phonics training. One of her current research projects is on how phonics can better integrate into an effective classroom reading and writing program.

Knowledgeable Teaching Team

Jolly Kingdom develops practical and effective classroom application based on solid research knowledge, in addition to the cumulative experience of our professional teaching team with all native English teachers.