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Free for all new students for the first month

#Free for all new students for the first month of the school year.
No matter how you copy or memorise, you can't remember all the words? English word formation is based on pinyin, where different phonemes are strung together to form a word. If you want to memorise English words easily, you need to learn the phonemes first, and then master the spelling skills so that you can read the words and write them! ��

Jolly Kingdom is launching a new year's class for students who have difficulty in spelling and learning the phonemes and spelling skills. The syllabus of the class includes: 1.

1. Phonemes Training��
Phonemes are the basis of pinyin and form part of English words. The elements of English phonetics are sometimes very close to each other and can be easily confused by students. Jolly Kingdom's phoneme training books are designed with a multi-sensory approach so that children can easily memorise different phonemes. Our teaching method allows children to easily understand the differences between close phonemes. ��

2. Quick Spelling Exercise ��️
Spelling is the process of linking several phonemes together to form a word. Mastering spelling skills will enable students to read words they haven't learnt before and increase their overall confidence and interest in English. We have specially designed books to teach spelling practice, to teach different words and to help students improve their spelling speed to the highest level. �� 3.

3. Extreme Stringing Exercise��
The opposite of spelling is called spelling, which is the process of identifying the phonemes in an English word and then writing the corresponding letters in a series to make the word. Our Pinyin Stringing Book can quickly help students to master the process of phonetic transcription and string writing, and quickly improve their stringing ability. ��������

In the Year of Dragon, Jolly Kingdom has launched the first month of Free Learning Gift Pack, so that children can enjoy learning English Pinyin and welcome the new Year of Dragon with good English skills! We welcome you to join us and enjoy reading and writing through our quality foreign English classes, which will help you to develop a good English accent! With a foreign English tutor, you will be able to interact with each other and immerse yourself in the English language atmosphere with every sentence:
1. Jolly Phonics
2. Jolly Talk
3. Grammar
4. Writing
5. Reading comprehension
6. Specialised English for Primary Schools
* Special offer for new students only
* First month's tuition fee will be waived for the first two months of the English course, and the number of classes per week will be the same.
* This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
* Offer valid until 29 Feb 2024
Jolly Kingdom offers free and professional phonics assessment and trial lessons. Please contact us for further details and to arrange a trial lesson at your nearest Jolly Kingdom centre.
Tel: 2895 2281
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